New Pricing for 2021 and special holiday discount for December

Hey All,

I’ve been contemplating changing my pricing structure for a long time. Much of this is to stay within industry practice, but other considerations were the amount of time I spend fielding phone calls, emails, and text messages. My pricing will be more hourly-focused and less on flat rates. I will also offer a 10% discount for pre-paid blocks of time.

My effort is to balance work so that the work being done aligns with current payments.

You can find my current rates on my “Rates and Services” page. While I am no longer offering book packages, if you come to me with a budget in mind we can discuss ways to complete your project within that budget.

These prices will not affect current projects.

Discount Offer for December/January

I usually offer a discount in the month of November, but with as crazy as 2020 has been, I pushed it out until December.

With these changes coming in 2021 I wanted to give everyone the opportunity to take advantage of holiday discounts that will last until the end of 2020. These are the following holiday discounts:

  • Book projects can start with $1,000 down instead of $2,000, and you will receive 10% off each invoice of that project.
  • If you pay the entire deposit of $2,000, I will apply a 20% discount to all future invoices for that project.
  • I am increasing my referral fee from 10% to 15%. So, if you refer someone who hires me in 2020 you will receive 15% of any payments they make on that project. You can receive this as cash or credit toward a future project.

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